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7 – USA

Repairing damage in Seattle and rock sightseeing.

Team UNICEF are celebrating their well earned second place in the gruelling crossing of the Pacific Ocean, but will have to find time in between to replace the damage to the boat, equipment and sails. I have been having a more relaxing journey visiting the National Parks along the Colorado river system and everyday being in awe about the beauty and diversity of this landscape. Deep canyons, high plateaus and crazy looking rock formations.


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A burial at sea followed by the 48 hour day confusion

You may have heard in the national and international press that Sarah Young was laid to rest in the ‘deep blue’ she chose to sail across, explore and make her home this year. The skippers and crew have been paying tribute to her and her adventurous spirit. The good ship UNICEF and myself have both crossed the International Date Line experiencing the day twice, the idea of Groundhog Day may seem like a fictional concept but in reality, it’s perfectly possible. This week has been a busy week visiting Seattle and San Francisco. Two very different cities with a big history and interesting places to visit.

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