Crew day today: Race start date revealed

crewdayIt’s Crew Day today and yes I should have been there but it all seemed a very long and expensive weekend for an hour and half talk and meeting some of the crew and sponsors. Traveling 5 hours by train, two hotel stays in London and then another 5 hours back on Sunday is a long weekend in my book.

But I just got the email and now we know; the race will start on Sunday 30th August 2015 in the “South of UK”. The first leg will be straight from the UK to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In previous years there was a stop in Europe but this year it will be a straight 5,630 Nm run. Leg 2 will finish in Cape Town as last year.

I will be joining the race with leg 5 of the race and that will start in Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays region of Queensland, East Coast Australia. So I will have to start exploring how to get there in December this year!! Leg 5 will then conclude in Qingdao China.

My next leg 6 will cross the mighty Pacific Ocean starting in Qingdao and finishing nearly 6,000 miles to the east on the West Coast of the US. We do not know yet where.

A number of sponsors have been announced too. Apparently we will be served Stormhoek Chardonnay and Stormhoek Sauvignon wines at arrival and at official events. Additional we get 25% discount on Garmin products in 2015, not bad if I wanted a fitness gadget or new GPS.

I am still thinking of travelling across the US on arrival of leg 6. Getting a car or camper and travel through the different landscapes of the US and explore places of beauty. Then travelling back to the UK from the East Coast. That would make my Round the World trip a bit more real: a combination of air, sea and land travel around the world.

Any advice and suggestions of places to see in the US would be appreciated. Can I hire a camper on the West Coast and drop it off on the East Coast? What is it like to use a camper in the US? Restrictions, things to be aware off?

Next will be my third level training starting on Wednesday 1st April for a week.