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A long weekend: Crew Allocation Day 25th April


Crew Allocation is THE biggest day before the race start. It is the day when we get to hear who your skipper is and we get to meet our crew members we will be spending a considerable amount of time with in often challenging and cramp conditions. It is often said that many will remain friends for the rest of their lives.

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Offshore Safety and Spinnakers

The big day of Level 3 training has arrived. This is the last stage before training in July with my assigned crew and the start of the race in August. As on every training week to date the week starts with theory, a whole day of avoiding accidents, learning how to manage incidents while offshore and out of reach of emergency services. It is called the RYA ISAF Offshore Safety Course and you get a certificate if you behave.

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April: Level 3 Training and Crew Allocation

image It has been quiet for a while now, but things are heating up. This week I received my joining instructions for the level 3 training starting the first week of April. It will begin with an one day offshore safety course. It is all to do with preventing accidents and what to do if an accident does occur. Dialling 999 does not work where we are going.

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Crew day today: Race start date revealed

crewdayIt’s Crew Day today and yes I should have been there but it all seemed a very long and expensive weekend for an hour and half talk and meeting some of the crew and sponsors. Traveling 5 hours by train, two hotel stays in London and then another 5 hours back on Sunday is a long weekend in my book.

But I just got the email and now we know; the race will start on Sunday 30th August 2015 in the “South of UK”. The first leg will be straight from the UK to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In previous years there was a stop in Europe but this year it will be a straight 5,630 Nm run. Leg 2 will finish in Cape Town as last year.

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