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It’s all over now

UnicefArrivingLondonIt’s all over now, the Clipper Round the World 2015-16 crews have arrived back in London after 11 months and more than 40,000 NM sailing around the world. It must be a weird feeling for those that have sailed all eight legs to be back with family and friends in a strange but yet familiar world.

LMAX exchange was crowned the overall winner of the Clipper 15-16 Round the World Race with 152 points, Derry London-Derry a close second with 148 points and Great Britain third with 126 points. Garmin missed third place by only one point with 125 points after eleven months of sailing.

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In my home town Den Helder


Nearly all the boats have arrived in Den Helder today after a short trip from Derry Londonderry, through the Pentland Firth and across the North Sea. As of 13:00 UTC today four yachts had still to finish. Visit Seattle came in first with PSP Logistics second and Da-Nang Vietnam third. Unicef was placed eighth. Tomorrow I will be in Den Helder seeing my team again.

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The last ocean crossing

NewYorkDepartureThe yachts have left New York to start their last ocean crossing of this race. Leg 8 and race 12 from New York to Derry LondonDerry is called the Legenderry Final. The start was exiting with changeable wind strengths and directions. The close grouped racing to the first waymark is further south than the straight line to Derry Londonderry because of the iceberg threat so far south this year.


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Meeting the team again in Qingdao

After a short visit to Den Helder, I met the UNICEF team again in Qingdao, China. They were busy entertaining local school children on the boat and getting ready for the next leg across the Pacific with the same skipper that took over in Albany for leg 4 to Airlie Beach. The coastal area of Qingdao was redeveloped for the 2008 Olympic Games when the town hosted the Olympic sailing races. A walking tour around Qingdao to see places less affected by the 2008 Olympic Games was therefore high on my list of things to do.

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Planning, recuperating and following

It is nice to be back for a few days planning the next stage of the adventure, but I am starting to get itching feet already. Today I am in Den Helder where the whole idea of travelling round the world and the Clipper race began and where the boats will arrive on 23 July. Planning the next stage of my adventure is going well; 4 days with the Clipper teams in Qingdao, a 15 day tour through China and flights to visit Seattle and San Francisco to then drive a 20 day route visiting the National Parks on the way to Cedar Rapids. Can’t wait to get going again.

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