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Busy days of evolutions

ClouchyRace 11 to New York has started in light airs which means days of little wind and many evolutions. Unicef had a slow start but are now sailing between Cuba and Haiti creeping up the rankings currently in eighth place. At 1930 nautical miles, Race 11, is less than half of the length of the last race.  Sailing down the west coast of the USA from Seattle was over 4000NM, so Unicef will need to keep focused to achieve another podium position.

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Scoring gate points while nearing Panama

Neah Bay-WashingtonTeam UNICEF are going from strength to strength with not only second place in the race across the Northern Pacific but also scoring three points for passing first through the Scoring Gate this week.

The boats are nearing the dreaded Doldrums where boats can be without any wind for days or weeks, but the Race Office has a strategy to ensure that all boats will reach the Panama Canal on time.

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Prize giving, sailing to Panama and finishing my road trip

My team UNICEF has finally got their podium finish in the race across the Pacific from Qingdao to Seattle and Yesterday left Seattle to start their one but last leg 7 to Panama and on to New York. For me this week has been travelling from Wyoming through Idaho, Montana, South Dakota into Iowa. Visiting the last National Parks and National Monuments on my way to Cedar Rapids.


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Repairing damage in Seattle and rock sightseeing.

Team UNICEF are celebrating their well earned second place in the gruelling crossing of the Pacific Ocean, but will have to find time in between to replace the damage to the boat, equipment and sails. I have been having a more relaxing journey visiting the National Parks along the Colorado river system and everyday being in awe about the beauty and diversity of this landscape. Deep canyons, high plateaus and crazy looking rock formations.


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At home while the boats are racing north

Another week full of emotions and surprises. This adventure certainly keeps me on my toes. Saying goodbye to my friends on Clipper UNICEF and then travelling back to the UK for medical treatment was difficult but today I am booking flights and accommodation for a return to Qingdao in China while the teams are having an upwind battle towards the east coast of Taiwan trying to maintain the highest VMG possible.

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