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April: Level 3 Training and Crew Allocation

image It has been quiet for a while now, but things are heating up. This week I received my joining instructions for the level 3 training starting the first week of April. It will begin with an one day offshore safety course. It is all to do with preventing accidents and what to do if an accident does occur. Dialling 999 does not work where we are going.

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Starting easy in the swimming pool.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFunnily the Level 2 sailing training started on Saturday in a local teaching swimming pool. We completed a four hour theory session learning what to do if you go for an involuntary swim in the ocean and at four, the pool too hot to use our “Foulies” (heavy sailing water proofs), we lined up along the edge of the teaching pool in swimming costume and a T-shirt. Rescue swimming and climbing into the life raft was practiced in progressive stages of difficulty.

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Competent Crew with swollen hands

wpid-Photo-20141017141421.jpgLatest news is that apparantly I am now “Competent Crew”. Relaxing in my hotel room, the last thing I remember from the last day of the course is rowing in a small rubber dinghy in the harbour attached to a line to make sure we are not wandering off too far.
The last week was just incredible from stumbling on deck with no idea what is what and scared to touch any winch or other piece of heavy equipment to jumping about grinding, flipping sheets and halyards around winches, all this in six “easy” days. It’s a tribute to the patience and dedication of skipper “Adie” and mate “Carol” that we learned so much in such a short time.

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