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A stormy start of leg 3 from Cape Town

20151030CapeTownStartOn Saturday 31st October the clipper yachts left Cape Town and are now on their way to Albany Australia. The number of positive messages on Facebook pays tribute to the hospitality of Cape Town. All crew seem to have had a splendid time, enjoying every moment of their visit.

Saturday, after clearing immigration, the fleet left around midday in strong winds of 20 knots and gusts of 30 to 35 knots. Leg 3 is the big one, the Southern Ocean leg, named by the destination host port of Albany the ‘Wardan Whip’ as I explained in my last week’s blog post.

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Cape town, new skippers, UTC and virtual beaches.

NeilTromboneCapeTownAll boats arrived safely in Cape Town, some have new skippers, talk about UTC and time zones, the Wardan Whip announcement and teams have been told to avoid the virtual beach.

All the teams have arrived safely in Cape town this week and are enjoying the hospitality of South Africa and our sponsor Stormhoek supplying their fine wines.

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Speed records and time trial controversy

20151016Leg2-Day10-CV29A week of storms which tired the crews to the limit, penalty points which resulted in Unicef having “negative” points, ocean sprints, speed records, arrivals into Cape Town and controversy about the time trial decision. Also Unicef is due to arrive into Cape Town as you read this post.


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Unpredictable weather and race tactics

20151016This week was dominated by difficult tactical decisions and unpredictable weather patterns with very strong winds for some and no wind for others. Team Unicef are in fifth place although my family members have been querying the drastic tactics employed by Team Unicef to get ahead of the pack.


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